Experience the flexibility to deliver engaging content that promotes participation.
Collaborate on projects, share notes and contribute ideas - local and remote, all in the same room.

lady poiting to writing on smartboard

SMART Flat Panels

There is no richer way to create, share and interact with digital content in meeting rooms.
lady smiling while anotehr woman writes on whiteboard

SMART Whiteboards

Effectively collaborate through multi-user finger and pen navigation, and digital ink in one simple system.
woman drawing on smart kapp

SMART kapp™

A digital whiteboard that allows you to save work and invite remote participants to view content in real-time.
doctor explaining xray on smart podium

SMART Podium™

Interact with content and write in SMART Ink using a tethered pen.

Collaboration Works

Many organizations have achieved remarkable results from effective implementation of the right collaboration tools. Leading organizations succeed in deriving value from their implementation of collaboration solutions by having a clear strategy that accounts for investments in knowledge, people, technology, and process.

*Source: Filgree Research PDF on collaboration outcomes

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